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Most of our challenges can be completed in 1-2 hours. We encourage you to slow your roll, though. What’s the rush? Your next favorite memory is one moment away. New experiences are calling your name. The only question is if you’ll say YES to it.

For the Christmas Challenge, most of the activities can be completed in less than 30 minutes. You can take your time and even do some challenges more than once.

Almost all of the challenges are free or can be done on the cheap with items you already have in your home.

Absolutely. Check out this page for and you’ll find a sample challenges.

If you purchased the Christmas Challenge you'll need: toilet paper, your phone, some blankets and pillows, ingredients to make your favorite cookies, flour, chocolate syrup, sugar sprinkles, your favorite music streaming app, one Zip-Loc bag, some paper and pen/pencil, pajamas, a couple oranges and bananas (yep, you read that right). about 6 feet of string and, most importantly, a good sense of humor.

For the Couples Challenge you'll need: Your phone, ice cream and all the toppings, sidewalk chalk, a sturdy container/box, $10 per person, chips and your favorite dip, crayons and a coloring book, outdoor blanket and optional pillows, your favorite music streaming app, streaming movie app or dust off the DVDs, canvas, paint and paint brushes, pen and Post-it notes, a blank journal, your favorite tea and tea sandwiches, a set of dice, magazines, poster board, scissors, glue, and a good sense of humor.