Example Challenges


If you don’t want to ruin the surprise, you should stop reading. Otherwise, here are some example challenges to give you a sense of what the activities are like in the book!

12 Days of Quarantine Christmas Scratch Off Challenge

Ziplocs of Love

(1) Put a $10 bill in a Ziploc bag. (2) On a small piece of paper, write: “I hope next year is a Perfect 10 for you. If you need this $10, keep it. If you don’t, write your own wish on this list and leave it on a stranger’s windshield to pay it forward. Let’s take care of each other. Happy Holidays!” (3) Put the note in the bag and leave it on a stranger’s windshield.

Scratch Off Challenge: Couples

The Story of Us

It seems like everybody’s got a podcast these days. So why not the two of you? Take an evening to prepare your questions, set up the recording app on your computer or phone, and interview each other! Ask each other about your favorite memories, strangest fear, deepest dream, and more.

Scratch Off Challenge: Family


Choose one person to be the referee. The referee will tape the players’ thumbs to their palms so they can’t use them. Players will compete in three main events: (1) peeling a banana, (2) writing the entire alphabet on a piece of paper, and (3) putting on and tying their shoes. Whoever completes all the tasks in the fastest time wins!

Scratch Off Challenge: The New You Reset

Burn the Boats

Legend has it, when Cortés landed on the shores of Mexico in 1519, he commanded his men to burn the ships. The message was clear: There’s no turning back. Today we burn the boats of past regrets, choices, and beliefs that have held you back for too long. (1) Set aside at least 15 mins and write down everything you believe holds you back. (2) Before the sun sets, safely burn that list as a way of committing to yourself: “No turning back.”