It's time to head to the store to buy the ingredients for the Big Dipper challenge.

Not sure what to get? We've created a short list below to get you started, but you're only limited by your imagination.

Once you get back home, set out all the ingredients. Give each family member a bowl and throw down the Big Dipper Challenge gauntlet. Each person has to create their own dip recipe from scratch.

After the dips are made, everyone has to present theirs in a silly accent and test out each recipe. Vote on your favorite is these categories:

Best Tasting Dip
Most Unusual Dip
Strongest Tasting Dip
Best Smelling Dip

Big Dipper Shopping List

Sour Cream
Avocados (guac, anyone?)
Chocolate or caramel sauce (if you have a sweet tooth)
Nacho cheese
Diced tomatoes
Anything else your family enjoys in a dip
Whatever chip or cracker your family loves most!